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A more sophisticated wind-down than your usual lullaby


There’s nothing new in the concept of music being a great way to relax your little ones. We’ve worked our way through countless melody makers since our kids were babies, from lullaby lightshows at bedtime to nursery rhyme apps at bathtime and bedside singalong toys that whine harmonise along to Twinkle Twinkle. But while they claim to bring comfort and Zen to your offspring, the tinny, twee background plunkety plunk is more likely to drive parents to press the monitor’s mute button.

Luckily, if you’re fed up with stuffed dogs that sing at the press of a paw or can’t stomach another nauseating rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep, you have a more inspiring option in the form of Jazz For Babies (stay with us – this is nothing to do with encouraging your child to don a beret and retro glasses and start hanging out in basement bars).

Jazz For Babies is an award-winning range of concept CDs created by musician Michael Janisch that will appeal to all the sophisticos out there. Being a musician, Michael wanted to introduce his two daughters to music at a young age (in utero in their case), but he and his wife Sarah were unable to find lullaby-like music that was of a good quality, which is when the idea for Jazz For Babies was born.

Michael Janisch with his eldest daughter Eliza, now 5

Michael Janisch with his eldest daughter Eliza, now 5

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A music CD both children and parents can enjoy? Oh yes. The albums are recorded live in a London studio with post production sound-work undertaken by five-time Grammy-nominated engineer and father of three Tyler McDiarmid (just so you can impress that annoying NCT friend). The result is a collection of soothing instrumental lullaby renditions of well-known songs (What A Wonderful World, At Last, Moon River – not a nursery rhyme in sight) with a classic jazz touch and a splash of melodic improvisation, so Junior can work on their inner Jamie Cullum, should they wish.

And actually, they’re a bit of a hit, with plenty of ways you can use them to bring the kids down to a calm level. With five instruments to choose from (piano, saxophone, trumpet, guitar and vibraphone), you can play them at naptime, in the car journey home from a busy day at school or nursery, when they’re in the bath, or even if you’ve got other parents and kids over for a soothing but not-irritating backtrack to the chatter and play. You could even start early and play the CDs to your baby bump, as the Janisches did.

So if you’re after something a little more chic to the standard synthesised or sing-songy kids’ stuff, we think you’ll find these the perfect tonic. You might even find yourself listening along after the kids have gone to bed and you’re pouring that first beautiful glass of Soave…

From £8.99 to download the album or £10.99 for a CD. Alternatively, you can download all five CDs, from saxophone to piano, for under a tenner, or as a CD gift set for £42.45. Buy them here at

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