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Our Birthday Party

When it comes to timing, I’m not great at it. My children were born within four days of each other and in the same week as my own birthday. But it means we have a fabulous week every July where every other day we get cake, presents, treats and it’s party party party at our house.

It also makes it a crazy-busy month, which is why I love Meri Meri – quite literally a one-stop shop for party supplies, with its stylish selection of invitations, paper plates, bunting and balloons. They carry the brilliant Toot Sweet collection, which I opted for this year, as there are some lovely mix-and-match gender-neutral designs (I wonder how long I can make my two share a party?!). And when it comes to wrapping paper, anything from Lagom Design is a winner (see It’s a Wrap! for more). Bold, modern, and original, it seems almost a shame to let little hands near it!

– LD

Gift Wrap, £2.20, Lagom Design

£6.24 for 20, Paper Bag Store

This year, I decided not to have party bags, (yes, I broke one of the 10 sacred Birthday Party Commandments). Instead, I asked a local baker to make these fantastic cupcakes, which I then decorated in a mountain of sugary treats (which I think provided distraction enough!). Getting as much done in advance is always a bonus, so I prepared a picnic tea in paper bags for easy, fuss-free refreshments, which cut down on post-party clear-up.

£2 per cupcake, Hobbs House Bakery

Home Bird


I spent last week obsessing over wallpaper, as I'm at the final stages of my oh-God-it's-taken-forever home extension and now I get to do the fun stuff like deciding on paint colours and stroking carpet samples. Amid the obligatory folding down of corners in home magazines and throwing together a few mood boards on Pinterest, I've found a bit of a soft spot for Cole & Son wallpaper, including this whimsical Woods & Stars print. Here's how I'd add some colour pops and quirky accessories to create a magical woodland feel.

Bring in the Spring sunshine with happy, juicy shades

The ideal place for storing toys, memories and treasure

Make tidy-up time a more stylish experience with our storage edit