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Curated just for Fussy Bird by Jenny Thomas


If you haven’t trawled the virtual shelves of Smallprint books yet, you really must. This family-run independent book shop, launched just last year, is full of bright and beautifully illustrated reads for the whole family, and unique bold prints for the home. From tiny board books to captivating pop-ups, the books look gorgeous on the shelf and make lovely gifts too.

As you know, here at Fussy Bird HQ, we’re pretty much obsessed with books and the magical power of storytelling for kids, so it was wonderful to be introduced to a kindred spirit in the form of Smallprint’s Jenny Thomas. We’ll be chatting more with her soon, but in the meantime, we were thrilled that she agreed to put together a special Bookshelf of reads from the shop.

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The last of our Christmas gift guides! And there's something extra special about Christmas when there's a baby in the family, even if they don't know quite what's going on (and, let's face it, you're so tired, neither do you...). Here's our gorgeous selection of gifts, featuring small and unique Brands We Love so you can support the independents as much as we do.

Festive gift inspo for the little lords in your life. Whatever they're into, we think we've found something to bring a smile to their face this Christmas morning. Focusing on classic, quality gifts that will inspire curiosity and encourage creativity, these should keep them busy beyond Boxing Day.

Festive gift inspo for the little ladies

We love to review toys for Busy Bird - but sometimes the best review is just watching a child open the toy and play with it, that way you get their honest reaction. And this is just what happened when we were asked to be part of an 'unboxing' for recently. Let's just say Wet Head is no fun when it's Mummy's head getting wet...