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Avery Row

Introducing the new luxury accessories brand for babies




Ever come across a product you wish you had invented yourself? That’s how we feel about Avery Row’s stylish multi-purpose hero product, the Go Everywhere Mat. Picture the scene: you’re a mum with a baby and you’ve taken them to your friend’s house/the park/a cafe and wriggly Baby fancies a kickabout rather than sitting quietly on Mummy’s lap. What do you do? Scrabble around for a blanket, muslin or, let’s face it, your jacket or scarf, so they can have a base to play on. Well, you can keep your scarf around your neck, because Avery Row has designed the perfect solution with their neat, stylish, easy-to-carry mat.

Hardwearing and with a waxed cotton bottom (easy to brush off the muck), it has a padded and quilted topside, so it’s nice and comfy for those precious chubby little legs to lie/sit/roll upon. And because of the way you fold and roll it, the top never touches the base, keeping it clean. Plus, it’s designed with a soft geometric pattern in a colourful but calm palette that isn’t screaming with primary colours or over-stimulating features. And did we mention how fabulous it looks all rolled up and gorgeous and hooked onto your buggy handle? Ticks every box.



The brand was conceived by two mums, Helen and Fiona who, after having children, quit their high-profile jobs in finance and retail to create their own venture. With a shared interest in interiors and textiles, plus a love fresh colours and soft geometric-inspired prints, they wanted to design something that was both stylish for parents and playful and luxurious for Baby. Something useful that you can take everywhere, while not compromising your own style. They describe this as wanting to create ‘Something that makes you feel happy when you look at it’ – well, that’s something Fussy Bird can fully get behind, because our online magazine began for the same reason: because we wanted to surround ourselves with things that made us feel happy, however many rice-cake crumbs and piles of washing we also had to deal with along the way.




And as your baby grows, the mat still has plenty of uses as a play mat for when they’re sat up with toys and books, a teepee base, high-chair bolster, picnic blanket for a teddy’s tea party, and so on. And as well as gaining top marks for style and practicality, we love that Avery Row’s mats are all designed and made here in the UK, with the leather straps being handcrafted in a small workshop in East London. Helen and Fiona spent a year sourcing the highest quality materials and making sure no harmful chemicals were involved. They’re now looking forward to getting creative with the leather straps as the business progresses, introducing different colours, styles and finishes.


Luckily, if you love the GEM (Go-Everywhere Mat) it’s  just the beginning. Their ambition is to be a one-stop shop for nursery and children’s interiors. Avery Row is adding to its accessories collection with fabrics, cushions and the newly-launched super-soft and cosy blankets. Incorporating its signature geometric designs and playful pops of colour, the blankets are so beautiful it feels a crime to let sticky hands anywhere near them! Thankfully they’re machine-washable and come up all snuggly after a tumble-dry. Tick.

You can check out the full range of Avery Row’s products and fabrics here www.avery-row.com.



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