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The ultimate in stylish, practical layering



Another brand we discovered and fell in love with at Bubble London is Smalls. The only way we can think of to describe them is the ultimate base layer – the essential building blocks to your child’s wardrobe. Made of superfine, super–smooth Merino wool, these layering undergarments (think vests, T–shirts) are the perfect combo of style and practicality, and make so much sense it’s ridiculous. Let us tell you why.

Thermo–genius – Naturally regulating the body’s temperature, they keep your kids cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Skin–friendly – Anti–static fibres repel dust that leads to allergies and asthma, and the breathable, hypoallergenic Merino wool keeps skin dry and less prone to eczema. Also, there are NO SCRATCHY, ITCHY LABELS! The care–for information is simply printed on. Perfect for kids with sensory issues.

Toasty, not bulky – As Merino traps body heat in millions of tiny air pockets, it means you need less garments to keep warm, giving kids the freedom to move. See what we mean about the ultimate base layer?

Simple, stylish, colours and classic shapes – They come in a gorgeous understated palette of French in the Navy, London Fog Grey, Misty Rose Pink and Au Natural, all easy to mix and match.  Each item also has fluoro stitch detailing for a little twist. And as the designs are so classic and practical, they become multifunctional, meaning there’s no need to keep them as underwear when they look just as god as outerwear!

Super–durable and made to last – Merino’s moisture–wicking properties and natural resistance to smell make it the ideal active–wear for kids (think underneath itchy sports tops, school shirts or ski jackets). Not only can the items be worn for days without washing (just throw them in the machine – they dry really fast), the quality of the fabric makes it last, meaning it can be handed down to younger siblings and cousins.


Designed in Britain using superfine Merino wool from New Zealand lambs, Smalls are the creation of two London–based Kiwi friends, Emma-Jane Adam and Catriona Pharo. With three kids each and a background in marketing and design, Cat and EJ know what works when it comes to children’s fashion. ‘Our gorgeous kiddies are the inspiration for Smalls,’ they tell us. ‘As babies they became addicted to the skin–loving miracle fibre that is superfine Merino. But as the kiddies grew, the ranges did not, so Smalls was born. Focusing on quality and longevity over fast fashion, Smalls are made to last.’

And just this week Smalls won Little London Magazine’s Best Product 2015 while they were showcasing their new products at London’s Selfridges to coincide with the celebration of Wool Week in support of The Campaign For Wool.

The brand has now expanded to include a full range of everyday loungewear and active–wear for ages two to 12 (with exciting plans to extend to baby and adult soon! Watch this space…). Adding to their original vest and long–sleeved T–shirt, AW15 sees the introduction of a short–sleeved tee, limited edition camisole (ideal for underneath low–scooping tops and dresses) and their hero product: the 24hour Trouser.

A dream come true for mums whose kids live in their jogging bottoms, the 24hour Trouser can be worn all day long, seven days a week without needing a wash or starting to smell. Designed with a modern dropped gusset, flat seams, a long, foldable cuff and a drawstring waist, the trousers are said to last your child around two years of growth, turning from trousers to leggings as they grow.




Personally, I’m hell–bent on snapping up pretty much the entire range of Smalls pieces for both of my Fledglings, as I think they’re a super–stylish and practical idea, especially as my eldest has quite sensitive skin and gets annoyed with labels. Plus, every top comes with a little sheep bag tag, which will go straight on his school bag with the rest of the paraphernalia. And as I was already thinking the first time I discovered Smalls that I’d love to wear them myself, I’m more than a little excited about the imminent launch of the grown–up sizes. Hmm, can you tell I’m a fan? Definitely a Brand We Love.

Available now, in store and online (check out Selfridges, Iris and The Mini Edit), from £32 – £59.50 with free delivery. Visit

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