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A specially curated Bookshelf by author Wyl Menmuir

You know by now that story time is one of our favourite times of the day – a time to catch up with the little ones and let them be inspired by beautiful, imagination-provoking reads. It can also be quality daddy time, especially at weekends if dads aren’t able to get home from work before the kids are in bed (or offers a precious wind-down for stay-at-home dads who’ve been on the go with them all day).

For fathers who don’t get as much family time as they’d like, reading a bedtime (or anytime) story offers a chance to strengthen that connection with their offspring, create a sense of calm and share a special moment over some fabulous tales and magical, eye-catching illustrations. And Dad can always provide some silly voices and special effects, of course.

So, in honour of Father’s Day, and dads everywhere, we asked dad-of-two, author, editor and literary genius (plus all-round top guy) Wyl Menmuir to curate a selection of  books that he loves to read to his own children.

As Wyl says, ‘I love reading with my two children and story time before bed is my favourite time of day. If I’m away from home, it’s one of the things I miss most. Lyrical, funny, absurdly simple or deceptively complex, I’ve been reading some of the books below with my two since they were born.’

Wyl’s debut novel, The Many, is out now and available to buy here.

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