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It’s a Bug’s Life

Creepy crawly fun for everyone


My kids are really into bugs at the minute. One wants to eat them, the other wants them as pets. I could live without either of those things, really, but we learn so much from these mini beasties that I try not to discourage their curiosity. So I’ve hunted down a selection of insect games and kits to feed their fascination and maybe even teach them (and me) a thing or two about these microscopic monsters. Just don’t ask me to pick up a worm…


 Bug Facts

It is estimated there are 30 million different species of insects, making up almost 90% of all living things on the planet

Insects have been present for about 350 million years – Humans for only 130,000 years

 A bee must visit 4,000 flowers in order to make one tablespoon of honey

 Ants can lift and carry more than 50 times their own weight and they don’t sleep (imagine!)

Insects don’t have noses



Busy Bird


The last of our Christmas gift guides! And there's something extra special about Christmas when there's a baby in the family, even if they don't know quite what's going on (and, let's face it, you're so tired, neither do you...). Here's our gorgeous selection of gifts, featuring small and unique Brands We Love so you can support the independents as much as we do.

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