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Christmas tree treasures they can enjoy hanging year after year


We love a bit of a Christmas tradition here at Fussy Bird, and getting the little ones together to decorate the tree is a bit of an event for us. Festive film on in the background, letter to Santa stuck up on the fridge, tinsel fibres all over the carpet (damn it) and a box of glittering baubles just waiting to be hung. Obviously there’ll be a few precious pieces you’ll need to teach them to be careful with, but there’s nothing wrong with them learning how to look after things. And whether it’s baby’s first Christmas bauble, a personalised piece for older kids or just something magical that can delight both little and big kids’ imaginations, it’s worth investing in some beautiful gems you can ooh over every Advent. It’s only once a year, after all, so make it special. Ahhh, you can smell the mulled wine from here (just us? Oh. Hic).

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I spent last week obsessing over wallpaper, as I'm at the final stages of my oh-God-it's-taken-forever home extension and now I get to do the fun stuff like deciding on paint colours and stroking carpet samples. Amid the obligatory folding down of corners in home magazines and throwing together a few mood boards on Pinterest, I've found a bit of a soft spot for Cole & Son wallpaper, including this whimsical Woods & Stars print. Here's how I'd add some colour pops and quirky accessories to create a magical woodland feel.

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