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Take on the toy clutter with some practical-but-stylish hidey holes


Now that their bedrooms are groaning with all the old favourites as well as new booty from Santa, we’ve started thinking about sorting and decluttering – which begins with decent storage. Luckily, there are some gorgeous solutions out there, from stylish steamer trunks to linen baskets that wouldn’t look out of place in your own room. Children’s furniture and toy storage have become works of art in themselves, with this fantastically designed tree bookcase below by Mathy By Bols as a case in point. The perfect stacking place for all those lovely Bookshelf finds we bring to you every month!

These days, storage is not just about a practical means to an end when it comes to slinging the toys away at the end of the day, but something that suits their style, ties in with your chosen decor and brings a smile to their face to boot. Tidy-up time has taken on a stylish new turn.

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I spent last week obsessing over wallpaper, as I'm at the final stages of my oh-God-it's-taken-forever home extension and now I get to do the fun stuff like deciding on paint colours and stroking carpet samples. Amid the obligatory folding down of corners in home magazines and throwing together a few mood boards on Pinterest, I've found a bit of a soft spot for Cole & Son wallpaper, including this whimsical Woods & Stars print. Here's how I'd add some colour pops and quirky accessories to create a magical woodland feel.

Bring in the Spring sunshine with happy, juicy shades

The ideal place for storing toys, memories and treasure

Make tidy-up time a more stylish experience with our storage edit