Our theme for June: Sports Day

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Introducing our theme for June: SPORTS DAY

1 June 2015


There’s no getting away from it (as much as Lucy P would like to) – summer and sport go hand in hand. But we’re not focusing on all the televisual coverage of every ball game going. For us, it’s celebrating getting the kids out in the fresh air and getting them moving. For the fun of it, for the health and wellbeing benefits, for the sense of competition, for being part of something, for being a supporter, for the victory, for the teamwork.

Getting kids involved in sport not only helps with their physical development but has an impact on their social skills and sense of identity, too. Paediatric occupational therapists have long advocated the positive effects of involving children, especially those with sensory modulation difficulties, in gross motor movement before sitting them down to complete mental tasks, as physical work helps clear the mind and achieve a state of calm focus.

Getting them into sports early is important

Getting them into sports early is important

Sport in schools has had a lot of press coverage – is there enough of it? Is it too competitive? Too exclusive? There have been several crusades to get the girls on board, too. Last month, Sport England’s successful #ThisGirlCan campaign won the Women’s Sport Trust ‘Inspiring Participation’ award for its fantastic video of women and girls of all shapes and sizes getting their sport on. And, tying in perfectly with our theme, Women’s Sports Week kicks off today.

We all remember the dread of being the last one picked for the netball team, but we want to move away from that sense of divisiveness for our kids, and get them excited about sport and the sense of achievement and participation it gives them, whether they come first or not.

My little ones are keen water babies, and I’m happy to support that and get them in the water whenever I can, as I can see how it boosts their strength and confidence. They’ve both been having swimming lessons since they were small and my eldest has just been awarded his first badge for completing 5 metres. Massively proud Mummy moment.



Sport should be fun and empowering and esteem-boosting. And when it comes to getting kids active, in our minds there are only winners. So join in and celebrate our sports theme this June!


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adminOur theme for June: Sports Day