Our theme for May: Nature

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 Introducing our theme for May:


7 May 2015

A few words on what we’re all about this month…


Lucy D: Spring – what’s not to love? The birds chirping; the blossom; the lighter evenings; the hedgerows and trees bursting into vibrant green, the promise of summer. And best of all? Flinging the doors open and throwing the kids outside to run off some energy, get some vitamin D and blow away the cobwebs. All of which just puts me (and them) in a cheerful mood. A spring in our step, you might say.

When asked, Toby said his favourite thing about spring was digging for worms and slugs (definitely not my favourite thing). Florrie’s favourite activity is picking up woodlice. Delightful. But their most loved game of all is going on a ‘treasure’ hunt for outdoor booty – feathers, an old nest, a snail’s shell, some fallen blossom. It’s nature’s priceless bounty. What’s more, it can entertain the kids for, ooh, at least 10 minutes. I can even entice them into a game of ‘pick up sticks’ and ‘weeding’. But the most joyous part? It’s not soft play.





Lucy P: Ah, the great outdoors. The start of a brighter season and drier, lighter, longer days means more opportunity to tear the kids away from a TV or tablet and save myself a fortune on indoor play centres. Because look at the outdoor play centre nature has to offer! Skimming stones; collecting leaves; dragging sticks along railings; digging dirt; ladybird-spotting; letting ants tickle your arm; finding a hidey hole underneath the hedges; climbing trees; making daisy chains… And all for zero pence.

My kids love being outside, rain or shine. There’s just something about the fresh air that brightens their mood, gives them (and me) space to breathe (and makes a meltdown less claustrophobic and overwhelming). And I’m looking forward to enjoying the brighter weather with them and investigating all the exciting goodies out there ready to be discovered, from beautiful blossom to glistening snail trails and bright-coloured butterflies.

It doesn’t matter how much your child loves their screen time – when there’s a den to build or a mud pie to create or the chance of camping beneath the stars (even in your own back garden), I reckon most of them would be there in a shot. Because there’s no app quite like Nature. She knew what she was doing. She’s a Mother, after all.



adminOur theme for May: Nature