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Bring the outdoors into their space with weather-inspired decor


It’s been a rainy old few days, and it’s set to continue, but instead of groaning about having to don waterproofs and take a towel along to wipe the swings down (which we’ve also been doing), we took inspiration from those grey clouds and all that puddle-splashing to create a  moodboard for a weather-focused children’s space. There’s nothing we love more than dreaming up ideas and themes for children’s bedrooms, nurseries and play rooms, and if the Brits can’t put a positive spin on a raincloud, who can? We used this Showler & Showler multicoloured rain cloud print as our focus then found other pieces that tied in with the theme. Keep it upbeat by balancing the monochrome and greys with bursts of rainbow brights and splashes of neon, pastel or even a touch of metallic, to guarantee a room theme that’s far from a washout.


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I spent last week obsessing over wallpaper, as I'm at the final stages of my oh-God-it's-taken-forever home extension and now I get to do the fun stuff like deciding on paint colours and stroking carpet samples. Amid the obligatory folding down of corners in home magazines and throwing together a few mood boards on Pinterest, I've found a bit of a soft spot for Cole & Son wallpaper, including this whimsical Woods & Stars print. Here's how I'd add some colour pops and quirky accessories to create a magical woodland feel.

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