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For little ones who like to get their bake on


Our Fussy Fledglings never turn down a bit of baking, and are always keen to get stirring, mixing, weighing and dolloping. Currently their scope only extends to scones, biscuits and chocolate Krispie cakes, but we’re ever hopeful that their repertoire will one day expand (and their clean-up skills will improve – the flour tornado kitchen look is never a calming one).

As the summer holidays rumble on and you’re running out of entertainment ideas, baking can them amused for at least 20 minutes (somehow their attention wanes as soon as the washing up starts). Plus it’s fairly cheap, you don’t have to leave the house and you feel all homely and virtuous-mum afterwards. With The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens last night, now’s the perfect time to encourage your own mini bakers to whip up a showstopper with our selection of fun baking bits. Licking of the bowl is, of course, obligatory.


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The last of our Christmas gift guides! And there's something extra special about Christmas when there's a baby in the family, even if they don't know quite what's going on (and, let's face it, you're so tired, neither do you...). Here's our gorgeous selection of gifts, featuring small and unique Brands We Love so you can support the independents as much as we do.

Festive gift inspo for the little lords in your life. Whatever they're into, we think we've found something to bring a smile to their face this Christmas morning. Focusing on classic, quality gifts that will inspire curiosity and encourage creativity, these should keep them busy beyond Boxing Day.

Festive gift inspo for the little ladies

We love to review toys for Busy Bird - but sometimes the best review is just watching a child open the toy and play with it, that way you get their honest reaction. And this is just what happened when we were asked to be part of an 'unboxing' for recently. Let's just say Wet Head is no fun when it's Mummy's head getting wet...