Scrap book: Ru’s 4th birthday party

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Scrap book: Ru’s 4th birthday party

Behind-the-scenes details from LP’s son’s celebrations


My Fussy Fledgling’s 4th birthday shenanigans happened the same weekend as a nearly-new sale I was hosting a stall at, and my nephew’s 3rd birthday picnic, which was held in our garden – let’s just say it was a pretty crazy few days! But then my to-do lists are well known for being, er, full-on…

Ru party 3

Ru party 5

There were 20 four-year-olds on my son’s invite list, so a space-themed soft play centre seemed the perfect choice of venue for all that crazy pre-school energy, especially as he loves anything about planets. I took that theme through to a few of the little details and had edible space cake toppers on little cream-cheese-iced cupcakes, and scattered gold stars on the main (chocolate red velvet) birthday cake. I also bought some holographic initial cake toppers from, which I can use for a few more birthdays to come.


On my spacey list were metallic purple and silver balloons to scatter around the venue. I also included glow stick bracelets and clear cellophane cones filled with a galaxy of mini ‘planets’ (aka marbles) in the party bags, alongside a noisy blower toy (essential), a mini packet of raisins and a treat-size box of Smarties.

Ru party 7

The party bags were a great find from the brilliant HEMA, which has excellent kids’ and party fare, as well as a tempting selection of great-value stationery (my weakness). I picked a mix of brightly printed paper bags that came with stickers for sealing.


I loved the party bags so much I picked up wrapping paper in similar designs while in HEMA, as well as printed washi tape, for his birthday presents and for upcoming parties (for more wrapping and card inspiration, see It’s A Wrap!).

Ru party BETTER

Then, for a little something extra, I filled leftover clear cellophane sweetie bags with a mixture of popcorn, mini marshmallows and chocolate-covered raisins for him to take in to his school friends after his party weekend (nothing like keeping the birthday celebrations going – if it’s good enough for the Queen…).

Ru party 6

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