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She likes to move

Sportswear has upped its game, both in the adult and children’s fashion arenas. It’s not all about go-faster stripes and athletic fabrics – the lines between fashion and functionality have blurred, and you’ll see as much sports gear on the catwalk as on the court. We love pastel combined with neon – and maybe a touch of glitter (to dazzle the competition). For girls who like to stay active, there are some super-stylish choices out there.

£57, Wildfox

£40, Herschel

The sports-luxe trend means girls can look world class while they’re on the move, rather than feeling like they’re in PE gear. And whether they’re playing tennis at Junior Wimbledon or playing tag at the park, style need never be sacrificed. Looking great on the go will only encourage them to stay active, so that’s got to be a win. They don’t have to be a champion, but they can certainly dress like one.

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We've already detailed our joy over the new-season bounty in Into Autumn for the girls. Soft knits, cosy hues of mustard and plums, snuggly accessories - we're all in. Conker season is traditionally a time of Good Clothes and wrapping up stylishly (you've seen The September Issue, right? It's the same for kids in our eyes). And there are some fantastic new lines for the boys, too.

Forget seasons of mist, it's all about the season of musts this autumn, as in what we must have for their wardrobes. And yes we do love collecting conkers and kicking through crispy leaves and smelling bonfires in the air on the walk home from school, but we also love all the fab new-season collections. Bring on the soft knits, cosy tights and the warm russets, mustards and plums of autumn...

If you've been watching Stranger Things on Netflix (and if you haven't, seriously, where have you been? Cancel everything and binge-watch the first season now - since its release this summer Netflix has already commissioned a second series, airing in 2017) you'll know that the dorkiest coolest kids in town at the moment are Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will. Their Goonies meets E.T. meets Stephen King sci-fi adventures have fuelled an '80s nostalgia trip thanks to the show's near-perfect recreation of the era, and our sartorial eye has been on the detail for their retro apparel.

The new term is well under way, and we're just about getting our heads around which day is PE day, when the after-school clubs are, homework, lunchboxes, shoe-polishing and knotting a tie once again. But as smart and lovely as they look in their uniforms, it's always nice for them to have some comfies to throw on when they get home and can concentrate only on stuffing their faces and zoning out in front of Octonauts.