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The co-founders of Fussy Bird discuss how it all began


Lucy Parley and Lucy Dalgleish founded Fussy Bird in 2014 after deciding that life with children is infinitely easier when you distract yourself with gorgeous, covetable things. After meeting in London when they were pregnant with their sons, Lucy and Lucy survived the trials of first-time motherhood together then went on to do it all over again, this time both having daughters. They then decided life wasn’t hectic enough, so they started creating an online magazine and threw in a house move each in the process, Lucy D relocating to Malmesbury and Lucy P upping sticks to Surrey. Chaos prevailed, but Fussy Bird was born and the Lucys are still alive to tell the tale…


  • L-R: Reuben: sweatshirt, £44, shorts, £40, both Soft Gallery; cap, Tu at Sainsbury's. Zachary: vest (part of set), £34, shorts, £29, both Soft Gallery. Sam: T-shirt, £34, shorts, £35, both Soft Gallery
  • L-R: Isobel: hooded top, £46, Soft Gallery. Reuben, Sam and Zachary as before. Sacks (set of four), £19.75, Ella James
  • L-R: Lois: tunic, £50, leggings, £25, both Petit Tribe. Stevie: top, £22, leggings, £22, both Soft Gallery
  • L-R: Isobel: hat, £34, Scotch Shrunk; hoody, £63.95, and vest, £28, both Scotch R'Belle; leggings, £30, Petit Tribe. Zachary: jumper, £39, and track pants, £39, both Soft Gallery. Reuben: shirt, £44, track pants, £34, both Soft Gallery. Sam: zip-up top, £50, and shorts, £30, both Soft Gallery. All sunglasses, Tu at Sainsbury's
  • Hooded top, £46, and shorts, £34, both Soft Gallery. Sunglasses, Tu at Sainsbury's. Hairband model's own
  • L-R: Sam: top, £34, shorts, £35; Reuben: top, £44, shorts, £40; Zachary: vest (part of set), £34, shorts, £29, all Soft Gallery. All sunglasses and cap, Tu at Sainsbury's. Medals, £4.95 (set of 12); trophies, £4.50 (set of 3), and bunting, £14, all Ella James


LP: This was your idea, I blame you. There you were with your newborn, accosting me at soft play while I was eight months’ pregnant with Lois, and telling me about this idea you’d had…

LD: I know. My fault. You loved the idea, though. Then came up with a load of ideas of your own, when you could have just walked away…

LP: But you knew I wouldn’t. My magazine background, mummy blog, love of shopping for the rugrats… I was always going to be on board. And now here we are!

LD: Yes, here we are. With boisterous three-year-old boys, feisty one-year-old girls, home extension plans and a shiny new online magazine to our names. Are we mad?

LP: A little. But there’s nothing like distracting yourself from a toddler tantrum by poring over beautifully made kids’ clothes…

LD: Or mentally designing a super-cool nursery while you’re folding bed linen in your three-year-old’s pigsty.

LP: How true.

LD: So we’re going to style out the munchkin madness via our new creative outlet.

LP: While sharing our beautiful finds with our fabulous new readers.

LD: Exactly.

LP: Let’s not tell them how long it took to come up with the magazine name, though.

LD: No. We don’t need to share everything.

Images taken by Julia West from Julia & Mia



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