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The founder of Bouncy Jam talks Yumboxes and Reward Boxes – plus there’s an exclusive discount for Fussy Birds! 

There doesn’t seem to be anything that Sarah Kerr cannot do. The former city girl turned entrepreneur, blogger, inventor and innovator and, oh yes, mum of two small children, Sarah founded Bouncy Jam as an alternative to her corporate life. She decided to source products which she believed in as a mother, and then brought these products to the UK market for us all to benefit from. Bouncy Jam is now the exclusive UK distributors of Yumbox – those clever compartmentalised children’s lunchboxes designed to encourage healthy eating in even the most fussy of children (trust us, they work!).

Bouncy Jam is planning to launch two new children’s products in the UK market over the coming months (more of which below), so we caught up with Sarah to find out how she does it all.

Also, to celebrate the new launches, there’s also an exclusive 20% discount for Fussy Bird readers! Read on…


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Your company Bouncy Jam is the sole importer of Yumboxes. How did you come across them and why do you think they’ve been so successful here in the UK?

My son is a picky eater and I knew the Yumbox would help him from the first time I saw one on Twitter. When I found you couldn’t buy them in the UK I saw my first opportunity and it literally went from there. It is a truly fantastic product and it is wonderful to open you inbox full of praise from mums who have seen a real difference in how their child eats.

You can add our praise to that! We use them for nursery and school lunches and they’re fab. What other products do you import/sell?

We also import the fabulous Tidy Table Tray (to make meal times with toddlers less messy!) and we are about to launch our very own product, The Reward Box, which will make a great Christmas gift [more about that in a minute].

You’re a blogger, entrepreneur, mother; you seem to be a multi-tasking goddess – how do you do it? Are you an early bird or night owl? 

Night owl most definitely!  Lots of working from ball pits in soft play and running baths while sending emails, but somehow it all fits in, even if some days I feel a little crazy…

Oh how we know that feeling! So what’s next for Bouncy Jam?

The Reward Box is our big focus right now. It is a magical alternative to the traditional reward chart, to make good behaviour fun. We have just opened pre-orders and almost sold out of our first batch within two days – so far so good!

It’s still top secret, but we have another exciting new product in the pipeline for 2016, so watch this space!

We’ll be keeping our Fussy Bird readers informed, don’t you worry. What are the challenges of combining a new business with motherhood?

The biggest challenge is feeling I am on my iPhone too much when I’m with the kids. The converse of that is that I get to be with them, so I try not to beat myself up too much about it.

And do you think mums make good businesswomen?

No one knows how to multi task like a Mum. We’ve all been there – breastfeeding while cooking dinner, while opening the ‘I need this right now’ pot of glitter and trying to contain it, etc, etc!

Nothing like dealing with trying to feel professional while you’re covered in glitter. What’s been the hardest bit of setting up Bouncy Jam? And the best bit?

The hardest bit was having faith in myself but I am lucky to have a truly supportive husband who always believed in me (even when I didn’t). The best bit is being there for every play date, school pick-up and ballet lesson – ie, getting to be a full-time mum!

Are there any mums who inspire you?

There are some fabulous mumpreneurs out there who I take inspiration from daily through blogs, and local mums in business networks. Just google ‘mumpreneur’ – we are a phenomenon!

We’re always inspired by all the mighty mums out there, which is why we love to showcase them in our Spotlight section! Any advice for mums thinking of starting their own business?

Just do it! I know it sounds easy to say, but it is a crazy rollercoaster and sometimes you’ll be winning and sometimes not so much, but every day is different and every day you get to look in the mirror and know that you are doing something you really believe in. The hardest bit is getting started, but once you have you are so busy that you don’t have time to worry about whether you are doing the right thing any more!

Where can we buy your products from?

The Yumbox and Tidy Table Tray are available from our EatWell-UK website 

The Reward Box has its very own website here

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