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Perfect for memories, stationery, baby socks and treasure




We were sent a beautiful Keepsake Box from Cowparsley At Home, a small British brand  launched in 2014 that designs and sells beautiful wallpaper and home accessories with an elegant English country feel. And then we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do with it! You see, we’re a little excitable when it comes to storage, however big or small (a place for everything, everything in its place, and all that). Maybe it’s the neat freak in us, or maybe it’s just that sense of delight from finding something that makes the perfect home for something else. And this Keepsake Box offers up all sorts of glorious bow-tied possibilities…

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Keepsake Box in Grey Bees, £29 for A4, Cowparsley At Home

Keepsake Box in Grey Bees, £29 for A4 size, Cowparsley At Home



It looks beautiful in my two-year-old daughter’s room upon her shelves next to the cuddlies and her bedtime stories. It would make a lovely keepsake box for memories such as Christening cards, first teddy, hospital band, first tooth, etc. I also like a box this sort of size for keeping socks and tights tidy and easily accessible on the shelf.

A memory box...

A memory box…


I did like the idea of keeping it myself to store my paperwork and gift cards, but my four-year-old seems to have his eye on it, too. Apparently it’s the perfect size for all his pens, stencils and writing paper, and as I’m constantly walking into his bedroom to find the floor covered in sketches and pens (without lids – gah!), a stationery box might just be the solution.


A stationery box...

A stationery box…


But then, being a bit of a fan of a box (especially one covered in bees!), my boy decided he knew exactly what he wanted to use it for. You see, he collects Precious Things – small toys, marbles, objects, ornaments, random coins and whatever else has made the grade to join this week’s collection of treasure, from a pocket-sized whoopee cushion to a pair of (my) sunglasses.

And so it has found its true calling as my son’s Treasure Box and takes pride of place in his room. He hasn’t yet learned to tie the grey grosgrain ribbon, but he loves to open it proudly and talk me through the current display of special items within. Should you wish to buy your own Keepsake Box (memory box, stationery box, treasure box…), you can do so at They come in A5, £20, and A4, £29 (the one we reviewed).

A treasure box...

A treasure box…


Thank you to Cowparsley At Home for letting us review the Keepsake Box. All views are our own

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